Monday, August 15, 2011

Transformer Project: FINISHED!

North facing/street side: Fort Namaqua

The 45" x 75" metal transformer box on 1st Street & Madison streets, Loveland, Colorado

Mariano's Crossing: the toll bridge, Medina's home and pioneers

The original Fort built of stone quarried from west of Loveland, CO

I found out this "barn" was actually a housing for the stone fort and was used  to store hay

The panoramic image of Fort Namaqua also has a panoramic top with the tops of Cottonwood trees linking each side together

I FINISHED painting the Transformer box today.  The project is part of Art in Public Places .  This was a juried & contract project through the City of Loveland.  I started painting the 45" x 75" metal box 3 weeks ago. I have spent most mornings there and paint until  the heat is too intense. I spent 25+ hours just planning the project.  This year's theme was "Historical Loveland".  Since I have done several historically based commissions, I was intrigued by this opportunity and decided to depict Mariano Medina's settlement. 
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