Saturday, May 4, 2013

Alla Prima Tulip painting

"Juicy" watercolor
 For this past week's classes I bought 2 different bouquets of pastel pink flowers.  In the Wednesday morning watercolor class we drew an accurate drawing of the flowers, then wet each petal or leaf individually to get a controlled,  yet loose depiction.  I chose not to paint my background as I liked the white with the soft painting.

"Frosty" oil
 Using the same pastel pink tulips, I painted "Frosty" mostly with a pallet knife and lots of impasto.  I taught my students in my Thursday Oil Painting class to block in & draw with a brush, but then have fun swirling the paint around.  This 14 x 11" oil painting was done Alla Prima (one session) as was the watercolor.

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