Monday, September 2, 2013

Ongoing Fall Classes

A Walk To Remember (pastel)
    This Fall I am again offering some home studio art classes for those who wish to really focus on their art on an ongoing basis. 

    September 18th, 2013 will be the first Watercolor and Drawing class on Wednesday morning from 9-12.  I have found over the years that many students of art ask to 'bypass' the drawing stage.  I feel like this is kind of like skipping learning the alphabet when you want to be a writer.  Drawing is not that hard if you know a few tricks to learn to see.  Tracing is a tool and should not be a crutch if you want to continue to improve your painting ability.  Since realistic watercolor painting requires planning I thought incorporating learning to draw would compliment the class.  We will do some of both each day with an emphasis on painting.

    On September 19th I will start my oil painting classes on Thursday mornings from 9-12.  In this ongoing class we will explore and dive deeper into color experimentation, value, technique & composition.  Since my classes are limited to 5 students, everyone will get plenty of individual attention.  I also like to gear my classes toward what each student wants to, or needs to learn.  I am open to different ideas. 

    I can give you more information including costs of classes if you send me a message.  There is a discount for those signing up for a month at a time. Depending in availability, you can start at any time.   I earned a BFA in studio arts, have been a professional artist for 15 years and have been teaching for over 10 years. 

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