Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Plein air Tuscany: Lavendaria


 On my last day of plein air painting in Tuscany I was in the quaint little town of Buonconvento, near Sienna.  One thing you see all the time is laundry hanging out to dry.  I personally would like to see more people not wasting electricity and loved the hanging laundry everywhere.  
I was just outside the walled city when I decided to paint a scene of clothes out to dry against the historic building.  A woman resident periodically watched me so I decided to include her in my painting. People watching is popular for Italians and tourists.
plein air painting Buonconvento

Since I was in public, I had quite a few people stop by to see what I was doing.  When they saw I was painting someone's laundry they got rather quiet.  This just made me smile even more.
My plein air Tuscany adventure is over- for now.  What a wonderful experience I had.

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