Monday, March 16, 2015

Loose Moose

Loose Moose 
I have a love of pallet knife painting.  When my oil painting class requested a lesson on 'Van Gogh animals" I jumped to the task as I love his loose, swirling strokes.  When I start a painting I know will have very heavy impasto, I start with a good drawing and don't add the thick paint until I have a color theme and good composition in place.  When I'm ready to lay on the swirls of paint with a pallet knife, I get brave and ad more brilliant colors that the reference photo portrays.  I do ad up to a 50% dilution of either Gamblin's Solvent Free Gel or Resingel to my oil paint to speed up the drying time.  "" is 12" x 16", oil on linen.  Contact me for current availabilty.

Vincent Van Moose
I painted 'Vincent Van Moose' in 2014 in a similar style.  This painting sold the day I posted it on the internet.

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