Monday, October 12, 2015

Oil Painting classes

Moose Camp oil

Rocky View oil

Blushing oil
     I teach weekly oil painting classes out of my home studio on Thursday mornings.   My classes are small with a limit of 6 students so everyone gets plenty of individual attention.  My goal as an art instructor is to teach you the basics of painting and how to paint your vision.   These are some examples of paintings that I demoed and painted in class last Spring and Winter.  
     "Moose Camp" was a lesson in learning how to paint objects that had some sentimental value to each student and compose a painting.  We started with painting with just one monochromatic value (Transparent Earth Red by Gamblin) to get our drawings realistic at first.  After these were completed we added a thin layer of paint and kept the realism as the style of for this project.
    The lesson when I painted "Rocky View" in class was how to create depth in a landscape.  We played with just foreground and background I taught them how to exaggerate atmosphere by graying down the cool colors of the background.  I taught them in the final layer how to use a pallet knife and leave plenty of impasto. 
     "Blushing" was painted realistically with a monochromatic underpainting.  I kept the background a cool grayish blue to accent the pinks & greens of the rose. With this project I taught how to draw what you see, values, how to use complimentary colors and grays to accent the focal point.
    For more information about joining this group, you can contact me by clicking on the link.

Both of these paintings were from a gorgeous Fall hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

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