Monday, January 18, 2016

A Villa in the Mist

A Villa in the Mist (7.5 x 18")
 One thing I learned about plein air painting in Tuscany is you don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to paint.  I'm used to brilliant morning sunshine in Colorado.  On my first day of painting in Italy I woke up to heavy fog.  I set up my pochade box anyway and started to paint a villa on a neighboring hilltop.  I kept completely losing my subject!  I  had taken a photo, but mostly I learned to just paint quickly, from memory.
Islands in the Sky (9 x 12") plein air oil
 This is an example of the creation of a studio painting.  I start with being there to photograph then paint my inspiration.  I can then use both of these 'props' to create what I had in mind with enough time to develop the scene the way I envisioned it.  I always tell my students how important it is to use your own photos for reference.  Having a plein air piece of the same place is extremely helpful with color and mood. Both of these original oils are currently available for purchase.
My reference photo from a Tuscan morning
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