Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019 Art Classes at the Loveland Museum

Here are the art classes I will be teaching this Winter & Spring at the Loveland Museum Gallery.
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Tropical SunsetTuesday, January 15
Escape to the beach by creating a colorful sunset over the ocean and acrylic palette knife palm trees in the foreground.  

Tuesday, January 22
Learn how to create color charts and mix primary colors to make cool, warm and grayed colors to use in your acrylic painting. Instructor: Mary Giacomini
Getting It Into Perspective
Tuesday, February 19
Understand how to draw houses and buildings in perspective. Bring an 8” x 10” photo of a building for reference. Instructor: Mary Giacomini
Purple Underpainting in Watercolor
Tuesday, March 5
Paint beautiful yellow flowers with depth using transparent watercolors techniquesInstructor: Mary Giacomini
In the Woods
Tuesday, March 26
With this watercolor project, you will learn to use mask to paint a forest of springtime aspen trees. Instructor: Mary Giacomini
Get to the Point
Tuesday, April 16
Learn to paint with dots of acrylic in the style of the impressionist Georges Seurat. Instructor: Mary Giacomini

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