Saturday, August 10, 2019


Heart Breakers

A New Day
These are two brand new oil paintings I recently finished that were inspired by a lovely trip to Kauai, Hawaii, this year.  They both were started and worked on during my oil painting classes.  I used a limited pallet which I believe gives the paintings more cohesion. 

I choose my primary colors based on what colors I need for the painting.  I paint a small thumbnail in black and white to get the values and composition nailed down. For 'Heart Breakers' I used my homemade Alizarin Crimson with Pyrrole Red & Quinacridone Violet, Cadmium Yellow Light, Indanthrone & Titanium White.
Next I create an under-painting in oil using my homemade Alizarin to get the values.  If I need to go darker I might add a touch of Sap Green.  On an oil primed linen surface this acts like a white erase board while it's wet.

 As I progress I lay the local colors down, starting with the darks. I am careful not to cover up all of the under-painting as I want to leave some of the glimmer that shows through.

These paintings are currently for sale.  

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