Thursday, May 20, 2010

Snowy Range series: Sold!

All 3 of my Snowy Range (Wyoming) mini series oil paintings have sold to the same customer ( I had hoped they would stay together) at Centennial Galleries in Ft. Collins, CO.  Prints and cards of these images are available through
You can see more of my artwork at these sites:

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Anonymous said...

Inspiration is the keyword in your art. I feel that your gorgeous landscapes echo the beauty found only on cold frozen snow and fairy tale trees dripping icicles. Somewhere, the mind is frozen in time along with the landscapes. White, is the reflection of the holy and good. White is also the color that we embrace at weddings and communions. Landscapes cloaked in white are the most awe inspiring site .They remind me of Brandywine Park in Delaware, as I viewed the most amazing sight following an east coast snow storm. I was in 1st grade and on a bus ride to school. The legion of trees and firs were bent over with snowy cloaks around their bark. Their branchy fingers were wrapped in long icy gloves. I never forgot, it permanently etched in my mind as one of the most gorgeous sights I had ever seen. It seemed as ethereal as a picture of heaven on my 1st grader intellect. I have a special love of snow scapes.