Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Romantic Paintings

Into the Sunset (n/a)
Soul Mates (n/a)

The Proposal (n/a)
These three paintings were done for some very romantic couples.  The top sunset painting (oil) was in Aruba.  The couple had their picture taken walking into the sunset along the beach.  She didn't know he was going to propose.   "Soul Mates" is an oil I completed for my son and his new wife for their wedding.   We were on a hike in Colorado together when I took the reference photo.  The bottom painting, "The Proposal" (pastel) was the most difficult.  He wanted to recreate his romantic marriage proposal of them in New York City's Central Park.  I had bits and pieces of information to go by but no good reference photo.  This painting was given by the groom to the bride the night before their wedding.

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