Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I painted "Calming", a 16 x 16" original oil of a clear stream in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, in my Oil Painting Class this past Spring of 2016.  I worked on the painting almost exclusively in front of my students during class.  Our theme was 'running water' and  I had each student pick an image they wanted to paint.  We started with an underpainting which is in essense the drawing under the painting.  The next step is to nail those darks as it's easy to loose them in oil painting.  I slowly added the local color and tweaked until I felt it was finished.  This painting sat on my easel almost done for a couple of weeks.  This helped me review what was needed.  "Calming" is currently  available, but contact me to find out the current status.
I am starting up my Solvent Free Oil Painting class September 15.  We meet from 9-12AM on Thursdays.  My classes are small at  6-7 students and I  have an opening.
Stage 1; Underpainting drawing

Stage 2; getting those darks in

Stage 3: on my easel progression

Stage 4: Done!
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