Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stove Prairie School Progression

As part of a large commission I had last year, one of my paintings was to be of the Stove Prairie School (Colorado) when it was first built in 1896.  I didn't have a reference but scoured libraries, the internet, archives and listened to the locals' stories.  I found the photo from1896(top), paid for a copy and signed a release for it's use.  I also took numerous photos of where the school still stands today. (with several additions)  I put these references together and painted a smaller oil version (center) before I started the final oil version(bottom) on birchwood for my client.

Both paintings are sold, but more of my work can be seen online:

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Coloradocasters said...

Your work is stunning. I am a huge fan. This piece has a lot of antiquity that so many people are drawn to.