Monday, April 15, 2019

Beginning Oil class

Color charts; what can be accomplished with compliments and white.

Learning to make greens and grays with the primary colors

 Underpainting in a warm color
I started a new solvent free beginning oil painting class on Thursday afternoons from 2-5. I cover color experiments, composition, atmospheric perspective, under painting, different styles, techniques & materials.   I have a few spot available. If you'd like to learn more about how to oil paint without the dangerous petroleum solvents, contact me!

Lavender Impasto

Lavender Impasto 16 x 20" oil
I had more than a little fun creating this new oil painting.  I was inspired by a Van Gogh workshop taught by Dena Peterson this winter.  I started with Van Gogh thick strokes of paint but turned them into pallet knife swirls.  The oil paint is quite thick with impasto.   I found this scene just outside of Glennwood Springs, Colorado last year and knew I would have to paint it.  I fell in love with the lavender, the view of the Roaring Fork Valley and Mt. Sopris.
This painting was recently accepted into the Lincoln Gallery's 2019 National Show.  The art opening is May 10th from 6-9.